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Our caring team creates a relaxing environment for your pooch, which is designed to cater to the comfort of our furry guests. For example, we realize that many dogs may get nervous around loud noises; that’s why we offer a variety of drying methods, such as crate hair dryers or handheld options.

Our dog spa is fully stocked with hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and products designed specifically to be safe and gentle on a dog’s skin and coat. Our spa attendants are highly trained at handling dogs of all sizes and breeds, and know how to put your pup at ease during any treatment.


Pamper your pup with our doggie spa services, including:

  • Small dog bath & brush (min pin size)

  • Medium dog bath & brush (spaniel size)

  • Large dog bath & brush (Labrador size)

  • Pedicure

  • Express anal glands

  • Hygiene cut


Book your dog’s next spa appointment; they’ll be squeaky clean, smelling fresh and looking like a million bones!

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