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It is SO important to choose the correct school for you and your puppy, as it impacts the rest of your puppy's life!

Puppy Training and Socialisation Classes

This is the first step in shaping a well-behaved disciplined dog.

An important part of the classes is teaching you how your puppy thinks and learns, to empower you as the puppy parent to build up your puppies confidence and understand the needs and behaviours of your puppy. We will work at your puppies pace to make sure the classes are as FUN as possible for you and your puppy, so that you get the most out of each session.

During the 5-week Puppy 1 course, we strive to help you set reasonable expectations and boundaries, between you and your puppy so that you don't get frustrated with each other and your relationship thrives. This is done through mutual respect love and understanding, we only use positive reinforcement. The foundation obedience exercises such as sit, stay, walking on a loose lead, come and leave are taught using modern and positive training techniques. Off-lead free play is incorporated into each class to teach the puppies how to interact appropriately with other dogs and increase their sociability with other dogs. Each class includes information about the most common puppy behaviours that puppy parents experience such as biting, house training & jumping, just to name a few. Other information topics including tips on car safety, puppy proofing and any questions you may have are also covered.

Criteria to join the course:

  1. Your puppy needs to be 2 weeks post their first vaccination,

  2. Be between 8 and 20 weeks old and

  3. Up to date with deworming and tick and flea control treatments.

  4. This course is 5 weeks in duration & each class is 1 hour long.

  5. Classes run on Saturdays & take place in Kyalami.

  6. Please inquire for cost.




As a puppy gets older their behaviour can become more challenging as they progress through adolescence. With this in mind this course is tailored to each classes needs, with the end goal in mind.... to shape a well behaved and well mannered adult dog.

These classes are ongoing, on a monthly basis and are focused on teaching dogs impulse control and prepares the dog for the real world. It is a great foundation to cope with almost anything that life throws at them. It's developed to reward dogs for good manners at home and in the community and encourages responsible pet ownership.

Criteria to join the course:

  1. Up to date with all vaccinations, deworming and tick and flea control treatments,

  2. Be well socialised and friendly with other dogs .

  3. This course is 4 weeks in duration & each class an hour.

  4. Classes run on Saturdays & take place in Kyalami.

  5. Please inquire for cost.

Adult Dog Training classes

Hugging a Puppy




This course is focused on teaching dogs good socialisation skills in a small class environment, getting them comfortable and ready for adolescent classes and bigger groups of dogs. Impulse control and good manners are also incorporated. You and your pooch will be continuously evaluated throughout the courses to see where more support is required.


The lessons are adjusted to what the group and individual doggie's needs are. Sasha meets the dogs at the level they require and builds up their confidence. Activities focus on impulse control around other dogs, walking on a loose lead with distraction, stay with distraction, and general life skills to mention a few.

Bridging Dog Training Course




One on One dog training sessions are customized to your dogs needs and done at your convenience.

These sessions can be done at Furry Kidz or while your pup is with us for Boarding or daycare!!

Contact us for more information

One on One dog training

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