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luxury accommodation

Dogs boarding with us will enjoy a staycation, burning off any excess energy during a full day of play with our daycare dogs.

We offer luxury accommodation which is suitable for well socialised dogs as our guests mingle and play freely during the day under supervision, making their days enjoyable and stress free.

Along with their canine playmates they have our care givers doting on their every need all day long, making sure every guest is consistently content and happy.

Our guests sleep indoors at night, in their own allocated cabin allowing them to get their beauty sleep without a worry in the world. Families can be housed together.

Furry Kidz daycare and boarding facility is owner managed. Linsey and her family live on the Furry Kidz property and so are right at hand for your pooches every need. Furry Kidz pride themselves on delivering the most attentive care for their furry clients, loving each and every furkid as their own.


Their day will be a mix of quality playtime and exercise, rest and recovery, and enrichment activities so they are being engaged both mentally and physically.


The amount of time each dog plays depends on each individual dog, and it is also based on the energy level and play styles of the other dogs.

Boarding Booking & Cancellation Policy

  • 50% payment is due upon booking to confirm your boarding booking.

  • The further 50% balance is due upon arrival for your pooches stay.

  • Please reference your invoice number and send through your proof of payment to confirm your booking.


**Boarding Cancellation Policy.

** 25% of full boarding fee upon cancellation 30 – 16 days prior to the date of arrival.

50% of full boarding fee upon cancellation 16 - 7 days prior to the date of arrival.

If cancelled within 7 days prior to arrival or in the event of an early departure, the full extent of the stay as originally booked and confirmed will be charged.

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